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Modern F.X. Mayr Medicine


Detoxify thoroughly with F.X. Mayr


Normally purification and detoxification (detox) are perceived as an unpleasant process associated with discomfort and asceticism. The Lanserhof however has long since chosen a different approach.

At the beginning of the last century the Austrian naturopath and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr developed a unique method for the early diagnosis and treatment of so-called civilization diseases. Already in his time, Mayr recognised the importance of a holistic view of the organism, because the nutrient supply of our entire body takes place via the gut.

At the LANS Medicum, we offer thorough regeneration of our most important digestive system according to the six principles of modern Mayr medicine - protection, cleansing, training, substitution, exercise and soul - in an outpatient setting.

The deacidification and detoxification processes are supported by highly effective peelings, baths, wraps and massages. This detox treatment leads to a healing process of nutrition-related health problems. The detox cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and helps reorganise its self-healing abilities.