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Liliana Klein - event manager and owner of Flashed Events in Vienna - was one of the first guests in our interim quarters in Kitzbühel. Here’s what her expectations, experiences and gains were during her two-week stay:

"First and foremost I was there for the classic refueling and replenishing of energy. Therefore Dr. Kettenhuber prescribed a lot of Shiatsu, osteopathy and deep tissue massages. The way the team perfectly combines the elements medicine, medical care and therapies almost has a touch of magic. Switching off usually doesn’t come easy for me, but at Lanserhof Kitzbühel you re-organise your priorities. In the two weeks I learned a lot about nutrition. Whether I can apply everything in everyday life remains to be seen. But I'm optimistic. "

Lanserhof - A journey to yourself

Plan your visit with us. We look forward to seeing you!

The most modern and holistic medicine, enduring regeneration and prevention – for over thirty years, the award-winning LANS Med concept has been setting standards for a healthy and active life full of vitality.

Our doctors and specialists belong to the most prominent experts in their fields. Together with you, they will coordinate every detail specifically to your individual requirements. Give yourself the most precious gift of all – and discover how much more active, happier and efficient your life can be.

The LANS Med Concept now in three different locations:




This is where the legendary LANS Med Concept has its origins. You can discover the revitalising power of our programmes amidst a wonderful natural environment here. Let yourself be completely cared for in the unique and relaxing atmosphere of Lanserhof.




This most modern health resort is situated high above Lake Tegern in one of the most beautiful nature regions in Europe. We have inspired an impressive architectural vision for life spread across 21,000 square metres. This vision was created by the award-winning architect Christoph Ingehoven and landscape architect Enzo Enea.




The perfect time-out from the everyday hustle and bustle of life in a big city. In our modern day centre right in the heart of the city of Hamburg, you will find an incomparable oasis of tranquillity. Simply leave the city behind you – and enjoy the complete spectrum that our holistic medicine has to offer.    

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