LIVE TALK with DR URSULA LEVINE: Boosting the Immune System - Science vs Myth

Lanserhof at The Arts Club practitioner, Dr Ursula Levine, provides some much-needed clarity on what really benefits the immune system.

The concept that one can ‘boost’ immunity is a popular one, with myriad myths, old wives’ tales, theories and facts to navigate in our quest to bolster natural defences. Adopting an integrated approach to medicine, Dr Ursula will introduce the five key pillars of health, as she explores ways to influence and potentially positively impact our immune system.

More than 30 years of clinical experience combining Western and traditional Chinese medicine with trauma therapy elements have developed Dr Levine’s unique skill set, which focuses on empowering patients to connect with their ability to respond to the physical, emotional, mental and energetic challenges of life.

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