Covid-19 Programme

Our daily aim has always been to preserve and promote your health, even in these difficult times. The Covid-19 virus has shown us how important health is.
Therefore our chief physicians have developed a special therapy concept. This is suitable for all guests who were ill with Covid-19 or who feel generally weak and would like to regain strength. The aim of our concept is to promote your health and strengthen your immune system in the long term.

Our Covid-19 Programme includes a comprehensive diagnosis as well as individual therapy concepts in which we address the following points:

  • Has there been a recent infection of corona or another viral disease?
  • What is the status of internal organs like lungs, heart and liver?
  • How is the immune system doing?
  • How is the intestine doing, which is vital for fighting off pathogens?
  • How is the psyche?
  • How is the physical and mental fitness?
  • How does the sleeping acitivity look?

To answer there questions we use the most modern diagnostic methods. These include:

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostics
  • Targeted and special laboratory diagnostics with focus on the immune system and microbiological diagnostics
  • Ultrasound of the internal organs
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Bowel diagnostics
  • Holistic biophysical diagnostics
  • Sleep diagnostics

Based on these examination results, each guest receives an individually adapted therapy.
Everything is based on our Lanserhof cure, in which the body is freed from unnecessary and disease-causing burdens through individually adapted fasting cures.
Our therapy concept includes:

  • Nutritional therapeutic measures and individual consultation
  • A bowel cleansing
  • Immunostimulating and strengthening treatments in the form of infusion therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Mitochondrial therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Lymph treatments
  • Healing and connective tissue massages
  • Energetic therapies
  • Sports science consulting and support

Do you have any questions? Our reservation team will be happy to assist.

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