Fast, healthy recipes

Cooking does not always have to be difficult and take hours. There are many dishes that provide a great taste experience with manageable ingredients. LANS Energy Cuisine is Lanserhof's nutritional concept with long-term success, designed for modern, health-conscious people to improve their well-being. A diet with food of the highest quality, optimal digestibility and maximum taste is the easiest and most beautiful way to absorb energy.

Our chef Claus from Lanserhof Lans has prepared some simple dishes for you, which you can cook step by step.

We hope you enjoy it!


Porridge in three different ways

Fresh grain muesli with fruits

Soft spelt rolls

Hearty buckwheat bread and rolls

Lunch or dinner

wok vegetables

Basic alkaline vegetable soup

Spicy quinoamüsli

Zander with hemp seed

Fillet of beef

Corn Chicken Breast

Vegetable Quinoa-Risotto


Lime Cream

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