Mindfulness weeks in Advent from 28.11 to 19.12.2020

The basic idea of mindfulness is to live more in the here and now and to consciously pay attention to individual moments, perceive them in their fullness and learn to appreciate them – without judging.

For most people, the autopilot is engaged in the morning and, as a consequence, we are often not even thinking about what is happening. Consider the following example: We are in the shower and, instead of enjoying the warm water, we are already thinking about which meeting is next. In the background, the mobile phone has started ringing, several messages appear on the display and a new e-mail appears in the letterbox. Here, it should be noted that it is not only digital stress that accompanies us throughout the entire day: we also feel like we are being dominated by others. Often, we are busy with a thousand things at once and lose the focus to fully concentrate on one thing.

So, how do we manage to live more in the moment and stop the thought carousel? And what should we do after the peace has arrived?

At Lanserhof Lans, we offer mindfulness weeks from 28.11 to 19.12.2020. We have composed an extensive supporting programme with various selected mindfulness exercises and lectures for you to train your own perception of body reactions, feelings and thought patterns.

Our mindfulness module includes the following services:

Mindfulness package

2x breathing therapy 50 min.
1x Yoga 50 min.
1x meditation / guided deep relaxation 25 min.
1x stretching 50 min.
1x herbal stamp massage 50 min.

module price 814,- €
This module is only valid in connection with a booking of Lanserhof cure Classic.

For questions and reservation requests, please contact us via E-Mail or by telephone on + 43 512 38 666 - 0.

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