Performance Diagnostics Winter Special

Our performance diagnostics at the LANS Medicum are tailored exactly to your needs, helping every goal-oriented athlete to achieve his or her personal goals. In our winter campaign we combine two diagnostic methods: lactate diagnostics and spirometry.

Before beginning with the performance diagnosics, we analyse the initial situation and define individual goals during a comprehensive consultation. Next, we perform a cardiac stress test. The first diagnostic serves either as a re-entry after a training break or as a starting signal for a successful winter training and represents the basis for the physical performance. You will receive individual training areas to train effectively and goal-oriented as well as a training recommendation for the next few weeks. Lactate diagnostics can be done either on the bike ergometer or on the treadmill and is the basis for individual training planning.

The second diagnosis is made in spring, i. e. in the final phase of preparation for the 2018 cycling, triathlon or running season, with the aim of evaluating progress and adapting the training areas in order to then carry out a fine-tuning. Based on the defined goals, lactate diagnostics are repeated and extended by spirometry. Through the combination of lactate diagnostics and spirometry, you will gain important information about your (fat) metabolism and your maximum oxygen intake (VO2max) in addition to your individual training areas.

As a special offer, these two diagnostics can now be performed at a price of 220 € instead of 293,73 €.

Single price:
Lactate 88,50 €
Lactate + Spiro 205,23 €

Our offer:
Test 1 (Autumn): Lactate
Test 2 (Spring): Lactate + Spiro
Special price: 220 € instead of 293, 73 €

For cyclists there are various ergometers to choose from. You can choose to do this on the Excalibur Sport or in combination with our Cyclus 2 on your own bike.