The range of services at our Lanserhof locations

Discover the different services we offer at our unique locations across Germany, Austria, and England.

Resort Lans
Where it all began

Lanserhof Lans is the birthplace of LANS Med Concepts and opened its doors in 1974. Here, naturopathy meets the highest standards of medicine, mountains and untouched nature meet modern architecture, and natural food meets the latest nutritional knowledge.

We offer full-body cryotherapy, a short-term application of extreme cold on the entire body surface. This therapy is used to treat illnesses such as rheumatism, arthrosis, sports injuries, chronic pain, neurodermatitis, and depression.

At Lanserhof Lans, you can let others care for you – in a unique, familiar atmosphere.

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Resort Tegernsee
Restart your life

At Lanserhof Tegernsee, energising nature and calming architecture meet modern medicine and naturopathy in a soothing and sustainable symbiosis. Europe’s most modern health centre gives you the opportunity to focus on your most valuable asset – your own health – on an estate measuring 21,000 square metres.

Our Lanserhof concept sees the individual as a whole and is founded on integrative, personalised medicine. Intestinal health forms the basis of our approach. Comprehensive diagnostics, professional sports analyses and therapies, as well as numerous beneficial applications from the areas of balneology, physical therapy, and bodywork support you on your journey towards better health, internal balance, and a new quality of life.

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LANS Medicum Hamburg
Sports and regenerative medicine

The LANS Medicum is located in the centre of Hamburg. Our team of medical specialists, sports scientists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths will answer all of your questions regarding your health and help you live a more vital life.

Aside from sports and regenerative medicine, the centre focuses on orthopaedics and cardiology. The specialist practice boasts extensive qualifications in the treatment of orthopaedic symptoms with a focus on sports orthopaedics.

Run by the renowned Dr Karl-Heinz Kuck, the team treats patients in all areas of heart medicine. The focus lies in out-patient, cardiological rehabilitation, sports cardiology, as well as preventive treatment for patients who are particularly at risk.

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Lanserhof at The Arts Club
Health Club

Lanserhof at The Arts Club is located on Dover Street, in the middle of the area of Mayfair. The goal of the health club is to promote tailored health; the focus lies on an integrative, holistic approach to health care as well as optimising fitness.

Aside from the first-class gym as well as a members’ lounge, guests have access to comprehensive medical offers and innovative treatments administered by world-renowned experts in this field. With its high-end diagnostics including an MRI machine, movement and spine lab, a gym with studios, consultation rooms, treatment rooms for sports injuries and other injuries, the carefully compiled nutritional offer, and last but not least, the sought-after cryotherapy treatment chambers, the centre is a state-of-the-art facility in Great Britain.

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