Burnout Prevention

Burnout prevention at Lanserhof

Burnout has become a common phenomenon in our achievement-oriented society. In a time that requires us to overextend ourselves, many individuals have forgotten how to pause and relax. However, we can only successfully cope with stress if we regularly take time to rest and breathe. Lanserhof is the perfect place for you if you are having trouble relaxing. A retreat at Lanserhof Lans, Tegernsee and LANS Medicum Hamburg will also help you to not fall back into old harmful patterns.

Burnout treatment and stress management through deep relaxation

Our Lanserhof locations are like oases of serenity. At our health centres, individuals who experience high stress levels find a variety of holistic exercises, therapies and coaching sessions that will help them find new energy to face life’s challenges. Based on our innovative LANS Med concept, we will set off your regeneration process so you can relax and recharge.

Combating early symptoms of burnout

During your personal health coaching sessions at Lanserhof, our psychotherapists and mental coaches will provide you with a set of self-management tools that you can easily integrate into your everyday life after your stay. Our atmosphere invites you to relax and forget about your busy schedule. Both Lans and Tegernsee are surrounded by picturesque scenery; fresh air and impressive alpine landscapes set the tone for your journey towards full mental relaxation.

Taking action before it is too late

We can give you the care you need when it comes to unexpected performance drops, sleep disorders, allergies or troubles of the musculoskeletal system, relationship problems or identity crises. We will teach you how to cope with stress and personal problems and how to improve your self-awareness. Take advantage of our diverse burnout prevention programme and permanently improve your quality of life.

Burnout prevention at our other locations

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