Cardiovascular exams for a strong heart

The heart is the most vital organ of our existence. Lanserhof puts a high emphasis on cardiovascular health and specialises in outpatient cardiac treatments. Heart patients highly value our department for cardiology, which is known for its long-term and all-encompassing care. At our locations in Lans, Hamburg and Tegernsee, our cardiologists will make sure that you receive the best preventive cardiac treatments.

The right cardiologist for every patient

Whether you are looking for a cardiologist specialised in cardiac disorder prevention, existing heart conditions or cardio exercise, you will have all your questions answered. At Lanserhof, you benefit from doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists who believe in an interdisciplinary treatment philosophy. The collaboration among specialists ensures personalised care, advanced diagnostic methods and effective therapy plans.

Cardiovascular treatments adapted to your needs

Included in our services are thorough physical check ups, anamnesis as well as rest ECG, long-term and exercise ECG. At Lanserhof, we also conduct a cardiac ultrasound under stress, long-term blood pressure measurements, extensive laboratory diagnostics and spiroergometry (fitness test for athletes). Furthermore, we offer performance assessments and sports medicine training and counselling. Last but not least, our fat-burning cardio workout and training completes the cardiac health portfolio.

Preventive methods for less risk

High-risk patients with high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity can take advantage of an individualised exercise plan that lowers the risk profile. Extensive cardiology studies have shown that exercise significantly reduces the chance of cardiac disease. Lanserhof also provides nutritional counselling and constant psychological guidance. Relaxation techniques like Yoga, Shiatsu and integrative breathing therapy permanently reduce your stress levels and strengthen your heart effectively.

Your medical care at our locations:

Cardiology at LANS Medicum
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