Derma Therapy

Derma Therapy

LANS Derma Therapy brings about an inner and outer radiance, enhances your overall appearance and personal features. A new awareness leads to a new vibrancy and well-being – attractive, self-assured and natural.

One’s appearance and digestion are closely linked to each other. When our digestive system does not function correctly, it generally presents itself in the form of a bad complexion. Lanserhof counteract this condition with an advanced concept of aesthetics – LANS Derma Therapy. As a component of the holistic LANS Med Concept, LANS Derma Therapy offers you new and innovative skin treatments, which were developed in cooperation with leading cosmetic laboratories and combine medical cosmetics with new techniques.

In order to achieve optimum inner and outer cleansing, Lanserhof relies on a highly professional environment with outstanding medical doctors and therapists. Our Derma therapy complements and enhances the detoxification process with specially designed treatments which further promote inner and outer cleansing of the skin and bodily tissue. All of this is done amidst interior design and architecture designed to promote relaxation of the senses.
Designed to meet the specific needs of our guests, our Derma therapists are able to recommend the perfect individual tailor-made programme for you from our rich repertoire of facial and body treatments.

In the detoxification phase, the uppermost layer of the skin is prepared with modern facial treatments such as Detox face and body treatments like Osmo Thermie and Oligothermie. Dead corneous cells are removed, pores are unblocked and excess production of sebum is reduced. Through the use of special procedures and massage techniques, blockages of energy are resolved and the way is paved for a completely holistic detoxification process. Skin which has been prepared in this way can then be effectively treated – for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, Couperose or localised fatty deposits, for example.

An attractive appearance influences our well-being and it is understandable that there is a desire amongst people for a healthy and radiant appearance. Additionally, our skin is the most important barrier between the environment and our bodies. It protects us from damaging influences, so we have to protect, care for and pay special attention to it.

The ultimate goal here is healthy skin - our highly effective treatments and professional products are designed to activate the vital functions of the skin and the body. Skin which once again reflects more vitality and freshness. A face which has been rejuvenated and yet retains its natural expressiveness. All of this in a completely natural way.

For those who would like to completely avoid the use of chemical substances can profit from our Lanserhof range of products for face and body. These products were developed at Lanserhof with the cooperation of leading experts. Our LANS Derma products were produced on a purely herbal basis and are the result of close collaboration between the medical team at Lanserhof and our dermatology experts.

The LANS Derma Body range of products comprises three lines: Balance has a balancing effect, Energy provides energy and Vitality is refreshing and revitalizing. You can find our entire range of products in our online store, also with an outstanding range of skin care products for sensitive skin.

For further information on LANS Derma, please refer to our brochure.

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