Detox: Lanserhof redefines detoxification

Can a detox be a pleasant experience? For most people, this is hard to imagine. However, Lanserhof proves that a body cleanse can be gentle and effective at the same time. Thanks to newest detox applications, highly effective and constantly evolving therapies that are individually adjusted to the patient, we achieve the best results when it comes to your regeneration.

The origin of detox

On the base of modern F.X. Mayr Medicine, our specialists have developed a comprehensive detox plan that has stood the test of time. Our holistic LANS Med Concept focuses on a pleasant detox experience, assuming that all energy has its origin in the digestive tract. Fatigue, depression and burnout syndrome are often the result of insufficient energy absorption. Only a body that is free of toxins is responsive to various treatments and able to regenerate.

Tailored detox plans for best results

Before your detox retreat at Lanserhof, our specialists will determine your body’s composition. There is no standard detox plan as every patient has different needs. Our medical specialists apply years of experience and expertise to view the individual’s condition in a more global context. While determining the patient type, food intolerances are also being tested as they can weaken the immune system and block energy absorption. Based on these results, our experts are able to work out your personal detox plan.

Achieve your goals with a personalised detox plan

Based on preceding examinations, we create an individual body detox and detox diet plan for every single patient. Your body’s self-cleansing powers are supported by a finely tuned detox diet as well as physical therapy methods. Effective body scrubs, baths, soft packs and massages will be part of your detox regimen. All combined applications kick off the healing process for diet-related health disorders. A successful body detox and cleanse are the first step to renewed energy and wellbeing.

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