Diagnostics & Checkup

Health check and diagnostics

Effective therapy depends on an accurate diagnosis. The Lanserhof LANS Med Concept is based on Mayr medicine, natural complementary medicine, energy medicine, chrono medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology and advanced Western medicine. In order to make your stay as rewarding as possible, we conduct very detailed diagnostics before every treatment. A personal health check involves a variety of early diagnosis methods including analysis of the digestive system, lab screening, chrono medicine, nutritional diagnostics, check-up 35, muscle function diagnostics, bioenergetic diagnostics and even a hair analysis.

An expert health check up

The earlier we can identify health dysfunctions, the more successful therapy can be. Our holistic diagnostics are based on decades of experience and progress. Our medical specialists and leading experts from various university clinics are working with naturopathic and conventional medicine methods. Depending on the results of your health check, we create the perfect therapy plan for your needs.

Health checks adjusted to your needs

The LANS Med Concept not only combats disease, it promotes health. With its modern approach and holistic diagnostics, Lanserhof has become Europe’s leading health centre for regenerative and preventative medicine. Personalised examinations like the check-up for guests over 35 or a genetic analysis are some of the many services we offer.

A health check as a stepping stone to a new life

All findings that result from our extensive diagnostics methods derived from Western medicine and naturopathy, influence your training and therapy plan. In combination with an individual diet plan, exercise and fresh air, you will discover a completely new quality of life.

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