Energy medicine

Discover the power of energy medicine

Discover the power of energy medicine

Our daily lives are constantly shaped by emotionally charged situations. More often than not, these circumstances have a negative effect on our body’s energy flow. Many individuals suffer from health-related disorders without showing clear symptoms and energy medicine has been proven to be very successful in these cases. At Lanserhof Lans, our doctors combine traditional healing methods with the latest health scientific findings.

The origins of energy medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognised the importance of energetic processes within living beings about five thousand years ago. The idea that subtle and invisible energy is the source of health and vitality has also been supported by many other cultures around the globe. However, for hundreds of years, conventional medicine wrongly dismissed the power of energetic healing.

Energy balance is key

Nowadays, energy medicine has made a name for itself in the academic world and is reviving modern medicine. In energy healing, the body, mind and soul are viewed as a unit, which is embedded in a body-wide energy grid that responds to the slightest stimuli. Thus, self-healing and self-cleaning processes can be activated and guided. Disruptions in the energy flow are exhibited through loss of energy, ailments and psychological disorders. If no action is taken, our body’s energy source can be depleted.

Promoting self-cleaning through energetic healing

In order to prevent a complete energy loss, our doctors and therapists use the seven senses to make the right diagnosis. Through bioenergetic diagnostics, they can locate dissonances that occur in your energy field before they can turn into a physical ailment. Disruptive energies are being eliminated, the energy flow regulates itself and energy reserves are being recharged. Energy medicine at Lanserhof is especially successful for patients who don’t show clear symptoms but experience discomfort. Rediscover your self-healing powers, health and vitality. We accelerate your healing through the power of pure energy.

Energy medicine at our locations:

Energy Healing at Lanserhof Tegernsee
Energy Healing at Lanserhof Tegernsee

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