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Mind & Mental Coaching at Lanserhof

Any of us can experience sudden performance drops or an unexpected identity crisis.
In times of constant stress and pursuit of perfection, more and more people suffer from self-doubt and try to deal with their problems in complete silence. Even successful and seemingly happy individuals can find themselves at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn. The mental coaching programme at Lanserhof can assist you in times of struggle and help you to get back on your feet with new mental clarity and strength.

A mental coach for better self-esteem

What is the meaning of life? Am I truly happy with myself? At Lanserhof, we know that holistic health only works if you have a good relationship to yourself. Mental relaxation is the first step to improved mental health. However, crises due to energy blocks, stress and conflicts of interest also have a purpose as they can spark change. We help you identify your problems and guide you through the healing process.

Health coaching for emotional healing

In collaboration with our psychotherapist and mental coach, we have extended our LANS Med Concept by introducing an innovative mind and mental coaching programme. We use multiple methods to detect emotional blockages and find ways to remove them permanently. For long-lasting success, our health coach makes sure that you learn coping strategies in order to manage your emotions in everyday life after your stay.

A mental coach for all eventualities

With mind coaching at Lanserhof, we treat a wide range of problems that can cause mental or emotional imbalance. We help patients suffering from unexpected performance drops, identity crises and existing or emerging burnout syndrome. Do not hesitate to seek our support in times of relationship problems that prevent you from fully enjoying your life. Upon the completion of our programme, you will have become your own mental coach who is able to activate positive energy and achieve personal success and happiness.

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