The exclusive health centre

Lanserhof – The exclusive health centre

Lanserhof – The exclusive health centre

For more than three decades, we’ve been the leader in the field of innovative and vital medicine. Our concept has received numerous awards, which is also due to our special focus on our patients. Your health and your wellbeing is our top priority. Through modern and holistic medicine, regeneration and prevention, the LANS Med Concept at Lanserhof sets the standard for a healthy and energetic life. We are proud that our health centre and spa retreat is considered one of the leading medical institutions in Europe.

Wellness for body and mind in Germany and Austria

Our concept is based on inner peace and harmony, which are the prerequisites for long lasting health. Every guest receives the best diagnostic, therapeutic and cosmetic treatment possible as well as a personalised health plan, carefully put together by our highly qualified doctors and specialists. Every detail of your medical stay is synchronised with your very own needs. The LANS Med Concept is also grounded on modern Mayr Medicine, which makes it the international leader in applied holistic medicine. Discover how much more productive, active and happier your life can be.

Not just a detox spa

Lanserhof proves that health retreats and therapies in Germany and Austria can be inspiring and life changing. Our combination of modern and naturopathic medicine, paired with culinary art, wellness and sports, guarantees a unique and holistic experience. Your break from daily stress not only serves a quick and efficient regeneration, but it can also have a long lasting positive impact on your life. Experience Lanserhof and recharge your power reserves, regain physical and mental stability and unleash your highest performance potential.

Your health centre with three locations

At the moment, you can experience our unique Lanserhof concept at three different locations. Lanserhof Lans in Tirol was established in 1984 and evolved into one of Europe’s most important health centres over time. In 2012, LANS Medicum Hamburg opened its gates for outpatient treatments and two years later, the opening of Lanserhof Tegernsee in Bavaria was celebrated. Yet another location will welcome new guests on the North Frisian Island Sylt in 2020.

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