Applied Kinesiology Hamburg


Are you looking for a way to reduce or even eliminate stress?
Do you suffer from tensions, insomnia, back pain or headaches?
If so, the kinesiology at the LANS Medicum in Hamburg offers a solution.
The "muscle test" is the most important as well as the most effective tool in kinesiology. This is the basis for a bespoke therapy.

The body's feedback system indicates to the therapist whether there are any health disorders and energy imbalances. This information is then used to create a personal therapy plan. Applied kinesiology assumes that everything we experience in our lives is stored in the cell memory and in the nervous system, and our subconsciousness can retrieve them at any time.

The treatment includes very effective and gentle muscle and gel techniques. This affects the tension of all muscles, the movement apparatus, the water balance, the nervous system, the digestive tract, the metabolism as well as the energy flow of the meridians. Kinesiology helps the the entire body to positively regulate both acute and chronic pain and find relaxation.


  • tensions in the shoulder, neck and back area
  • ear pressure, tinnitus
  • sleep disorders
  • headache, migraine
  • stress reduction
  • potential development