Modern F.X. Mayr Medicine Hamburg

Staying healthy with the Mayr therapy in Hamburg

Normally purification and detoxification (detox) are perceived as an unpleasant process associated with discomfort and asceticism. The Lanserhof however has long since chosen a different approach.

At the beginning of the last century, Austrian naturopath and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr compared the human digestive tract to a root system. Based on his findings, he developed a unique method for the early diagnosis and therapy of so-called lifestyle diseases. LANS Medicum Hamburg has perfected the Mayr concept by combining it with the most recent scientific insights.

More vital energy through the Mayr therapy in Hamburg

We created a regenerative therapy by combining various detox treatments that promote effective and long-lasting self-cleansing processes in the body. Our day centre in Hamburg, situated in the former regional post office headquarters in Stephansplatz (St. Stephen’s Square) offers a four-week Mayr therapy, which can be easily integrated into your everyday life. The gentle therapy method is especially suitable for busy individuals who find themselves under stress.

F.X. Mayr teachings for improved health

Thorough regeneration of the intestines is based on the six principles of modern Mayr medicine: rest, cleansing, training, substitution, exercise and mindfulness. Highly effective body scrubs, baths, packs and massages support the deacidification and detoxification processes. Since profound knowledge about healthy diet and lifestyle is key, LANS Medicum Hamburg provides its guests with in-depth training and counselling.

Mayr therapy: Four life-changing weeks

We will teach you how to properly chew your food, so that your body receives the highest amount of nutrients. Within the four weeks, you won’t only receive nutritional advice, but you will also learn how to recognise your body’s signals when it comes to feeling hungry or full. Since you will start with a clean slate and unlearn unhealthy eating habits, it won’t be difficult to maintain your newfound intestinal health after the Mayr therapy.

Depending on the arrangement with the doctor, the Mayr cure at LANS Medicum can include the following applications:

Detox cupping massage
During the cupping massage, the metabolic and blood circulation is stimulated all the way down to the inner organs - this leads to relaxing of the muscles. This procedure is followed by a massage to activate the lymphatic system.

Natural hay pack
Hay has a positive effect on the blood circulation, is immune-stimulating and relaxing. In the detoxification phase the pack of moist hay is also used as a liver wrap.

Salt peeling with bath or shower
The body peeling with sea salt leads to an increased microcirculation of the skin and ultimately to the formation of new skin cells. After the peeling, nurturing almond oil is massaged into the skin. The result is a fresh, vital and regenerated skin, leaving it tender and rejuvenated.

Vitalising cream pack
This rich cream pack cleans, tightens and nourishes. In order to respond to the needs of different skin areas, we apply different compositions:

  • Firming cream pack with lavender extract, wheat germ and grapeseed oil.
  • Cleansing cream with sage, geranium and marigold extract.
  • Nourishing cream pack with kaolin, mangobutter and shoreabutter extract.

These various cream packs are applied to the corresponding skin parts. Afterwards, you are wrapped in a thermal blanket for approx. 25 minutes, which intensifies the effects and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Base bath
This bath de-acidifies the entire body in a pleasant way and relaxes. Since many acids are emitted through the skin, base baths are basically a detox program.

Deep massage
The massage especially works on deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue. It serves to stimulate self-healing and relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage
Manual lymphatic drainage promotes regeneration and muscle relaxation via the vegetative nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates both metabolism and digestion.

Reflex zones are in constant interaction with the internal organs. The treatment results in an improved body feeling, strengthens the digestive system and promotes relaxation. Here, you can choose between a head reflex zone or foot reflex zone massage.

Colon Hydrotherapy
In colonic hydrotherapy, the colon is rinsed with water and thoroughly cleaned. This restores the natural intestinal motion and removes possible deposits. The application takes place in a closed system where you can lie comfortably on your back.

All applications can be booked separately and do not have to be combined with the Mayr Kur.