Nutrition Consultation Hamburg

Nutritional therapy as a basis for a healthy life für ein gesundes Leben

There is more to healthy nutrition than just the foods we consume, the way we consume them also plays an important role. We usually tend to eat too fast, too much, too late or just too irregularly. An increasing number of symptoms like general indigestion, food intolerances or chronic hyperacidity are the consequences. With the assistance of our dietitians in Hamburg, you can find a way to integrate a balanced diet into your everyday life.

Nutritionale analysis to combat food sensitivities

A varied diet normally consists of dairy products, which can cause discomfort in many individuals due to the high lactose content. A so-called lactose intolerance is diagnosed when the small intestine is unable to break down milk sugar, which then ends up in the large intestine. Once in the large intestine, it can cause aggravating cramps or even nausea and vomiting. Approximately 10% suffer from this food intolerance in Northern Europe. Globally, 75% of all adults are lactose intolerant.
Our designated food sensitivity tests and our dietitians at LANS Medicum Hamburg help you identify foods that are causing you discomfort. Amongst other things, you can be tested for intolerances to milk sugar and fructose.

Professional nutrition advice adapted to individual needs

The act of eating healthy does not only take the selection of food products into account, but it also focuses on digestive performance, reviving the sense of taste and the proper chewing technique. This basic understanding constitutes the foundation of Energy Cuisine. Nutritional medicine at our LANS Medicum facility combines all aspects of healthy nutrition and offers ideal guidance during your body’s regeneration. At LANS Medicum in Hamburg, it is our goal to custom-build a balanced meal plan that meets your individual needs and offers maximum culinary pleasure, while providing sufficient calories for an active, energy-fueled, joyful life.