Shiatsu Hamburg

Shiatsu – Mobilisation on all levels

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy that combines traditional Chinese and Japanese massage techniques (acupuncture) with Western physiotherapeutic methods (pressure, tension, stretching and joint techniques). In Japan, various forms of energy-related therapies involving manual treatment methods were combined at the beginning of the 20th century. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and is based on traditional East Asian medicine, like the five-element theory and meridian system.

Freeing blockages with Shiatsu for improved wellbeing

The energy that is circulating through the meridians of our body should be able to flow freely. If we experience a lot of stress, consume unhealthy foods or don’t exercise enough, energy is blocked and physical or even mental disorders can be the consequences.

A Shiatsu massage at LANS Medicum Hamburg will make your energy flow

With gentle but intense touches, the flow of the meridians can be corrected. Additionally, our practitioners use energy effective techniques and methods like rotations and stretching. Our Shiatsu therapist works with the entire body to get a clear picture of the patient’s energy field. Various areas of the body (cardiovascular system, hormonal and nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system) are addressed and activated through a Shiatsu massage. Your body feels more mobile, blockage free and full of energy. Your mind awakens with new clarity, your mind feels calmer and your immune system is strengthened.

Areas of application for Shiatsu

A Shiatsu massage at LANS Medicum Hamburg can help you in many areas, especially if you are exhausted and long for serenity or if you are looking for something to ground you, balance you out and repair your immune system. Shoulder and back pain or joint problems will be a thing of the past. A Shiatsu massage is perfect if you need to regenerate, recharge, improve sleep or if you just want to feel more comfortable in general.