Special Consultation Hamburg

Special Consultations at LANS Medicum

At the LANS Medicum, we offer special consultations for specific medical issues. These focus on the most frequently occurring ailments in sports medicine. During these consultation hours, you will be examined and aided by experts from different medical fields. Afterwards, we will create a bespoke treatment plan for you. Whether need a second medical opinion, are in a pre-operation situation or planning an effective rehabilitation therapy, benefit from our network of experts, who are at your disposal whenever required.


Acute and chronic inguinal pain is a complicated medical issue that can have several causes. The most frequent causes of groin injuries in athletes are inflammation of the adduction neck, the soft groin and the pubic inflammation. These ailments can lead to the inability to exercise one’s sport or in a worst case scenario retirement from the sports career, which is why they should be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. The causes are often very complex, frequently triggered by the back, the hip, the inguinal nerves, or the pelvic organs. Therefore, an exact clarification of the root of the problem is particularly important to ensure that the therapy leads to the desired success.

That is why we make sure to fully understand your condition and work interdisciplinary with our physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports scientists. If you have groin complaints, make an appointment for our special consultations. Please bring along all available findings from radiologists, neurologists, surgeons, etc. Together with you, we will plan further treatments and accompany you on your way back to your sport.



Our cooperation partner Prof. Dr. Daniel Briem - a well-known shoulder expert with his own practice in Hamburg – is offering a special consultation at the LANS Medicum focusing on the shoulder. Prof. Dr. Briem’s comprehensive and individual treatment of wear and injury to the shoulder strap, perfectly complementis the sport medicine portfolio of the LANS Medicum. At the LANS Medicum, his range of services includes a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and conservative treatment for problems around the shoulder belt:

  • Ultrasonic diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system
  • Shockwave therapy for the treatment of tendon and soft tissue irritation
  • Infiltration treatment of the movement apparatus
  • Chirotherapeutic treatment for hypomobilic functional disorders (blockages) in the joint and spinal area
  • Comprehensive consulting for the creation of an individually adapted rehabilitation concept for wear or injury, as well as after surgery

Prof. Daniel Briem is a member of the Shoulder Network in Hamburg, as is our Medical Director Dr. Philip Catalá-Lehnen.