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Boeger therapy Systemic scarring therapy

Operations, injuries, inflammations and even insect bites can cause adhesions to develop in the fascia system. These lead to restrictions in the movement apparatus, to pain and, in the worst case, chronic damage of the fascia. By applying systemic scar tissue therapy developed by David Boeger, scars and inflammation-induced adhesions can be diagnosed as well as therapeutically treated.

Inflammation-induced adhesions block the natural flow and restrict healthy body functions. Disturbances in the system's circulation can cause, among other things, tensions of the muscles, sensory disturbances of the nerves, delayed healing processes or restricted blood circulation. Since the individual body parts are connected with connective tissue, an old inflammation of the toe can have an effect on the entire body’s mobility, since the affected person cannot tread properly and will try to compensate this lack of stretching ability of the toe with a rotation of the torso.

What is tricky about these adhesions is that in most cases they are not visible. The causes, however, can be easily detected with special tests of the Boeger therapy. Special grip techniques solve the adhesions quickly and permanently, so that the pain is reduced with every dissolved adhesion. Usually, the mobility is already significantly improved after the first therapy session.