Cellgym – Training for your cells

Procedure of a treatment

At the beginning of the therapy there is an initial conversation and a hypoxia test. Based on this, the parameters are determined and individually determined. During the 45-minute session - during which you lie comfortably on a wellness couch - the heart rate, partial oxygen pressure in the tissue and the respiratory rate are measured and continuously monitored under the control of software and biofeedback measuring devices. This results in an automatic regulation and control of the intensity according to the individual parameters (biofeedback method). By this exact monitoring of the body reactions an under- or overtraining can be avoided and an optimal intensity can be achieved. The course of each unit is documented.

If the therapy is used as the sole method, 10 sessions should be held in the area of medical prevention. No less than 2, no more than 3 sessions per week should be used.