Detox Lans

Detox therapies at Lanserhof Lans

For many of us, the words “body cleanse” or “body detox” evoke negative associations like fatigue, discomfort or abstinence. However, a detox can also be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Our Lanserhof health and spa retreat located in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria is the best proof. An individualised diet plan and applications that promote the self-cleansing powers of the body and mind build the foundation of our detox plan.

Body detox adapted to your needs

Before you begin the body detox programme at Lanserhof Lans, our specialists assess your body constitution. Since there is no “one size fits all” solution, every guest requires a customised self-cleansing plan. Thanks to many years of experience, our practitioners recognise coherences between different types of human beings and their respective constitutions. Additionally, we test for different food intolerances and allergies as foods that irritate the body also disrupt the immune system and deplete our energy reserves.

Your best address for a body detox in Austria

If you are looking for a detox programme in Austria, we will provide you with the right tools to cleanse your body and mind. During your cleanse, our practitioners will guide you through the process by creating a personalised diet plan and by supporting you with various therapeutic treatments. Furthermore, detox treatments like baths, packs and massages in combination with purely organic products will only support the cleansing effect. We also offer deep liver detox applications that effectively and quickly cleanse the digestive tract while supplying your system with vitamin and mineral infusions.