Energy Healing Lans

Energy healing at Lanserhof Lans

Five thousand years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine recognised the importance of the right energy balance within an organism, but it has taken hundreds of years for energy medicine to claim its rightful position in the medical community. By now, energy medicine has become an established academic branch within the medical world. With the combination of traditional healing methods and latest medical insight, our specialists at Lanserhof Lans achieve excellent results.

The right energy balance

Energy medicine treats the human being as a unit consisting of the body, mind and soul. This unit is embedded in a sensitive energy grid and reacts to the slightest stimulus. Therefore, all kinds of emotional, mental or psychosomatic situations can have a negative impact on our health. Oftentimes, the resulting problems don’t always have symptoms that would be easy to identify. Energy healing can accelerate self-healing processes, creating a more balanced energy flow in the body.

Energy medicine for a new energetic balance

At Lanserhof Lans, our practitioners and therapists detect potential blockages and energy losses and boost your body’s self-healing processes. Through bioenergetic diagnostics, dissonances within your energy field can be revealed and treated. Experience healing through energy at Lanserhof Lans!

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