F.X. Mayr Lans

Modern F.X.-Mayr therapy in Austria

Many of us know about the problems that come with diets or fasting. Weight loss and detoxing effects only last for a short while and substantial health improvements are nowhere to be found. A healthy organism mainly needs one thing: a healthy digestive tract. That is why Lanserhof Lans applies modern Mayr medicine. If you decide to experience the Mayr therapy in Austria, you are building the foundation for a healthy life full of vitality.

Mayr medicine: The power of a healthy digestive tract

At the beginning of the last century, Austrian naturopath and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr compared the human digestive tract to a root system. He then developed a unique method for early diagnosis and therapy of so-called lifestyle diseases. Lanserhof has continuously developed and perfected the Mayr concept according to latest scientific findings. We offer the perfect location for your personal Mayr therapy at our health centre in Lans, Austria.

Lanserhof Lans: the Mayr clinic in Austria

At the heart of the therapy lies the thorough regeneration of the intestines, which depends on the six pillars of modern Mayr therapy: rest, cleansing, training, substitution, exercise and mindfulness. Based on these principles, we deacidify and detoxify your organism so that your digestive system has time to regenerate. You will be feeling more confident about yourself and your health. Additionally, we will teach you how to change your lifestyle and how to integrate exercise into your everyday life. Highly effective baths, body scrubs, packs and massages support the deacidification and detoxification processes.

Let Mayr therapy change your life

It is important to us that you will experience long-lasting results through Mayr therapy. That is why you will receive comprehensive training on how to live a healthier life and how to maintain your newly acquired digestive health. We offer in-depth nutritional counselling that will help you to do away with harmful eating habits. After completing the Mayr therapy in Austria, you will be able to start a healthier, more energetic and happier life.

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