Fasting Lans

Fasting retreat in Austria

A fasting retreat that meets all your needs

During your fasting week in Austria, we will especially focus on the regeneration of your digestive tract: Rest, cleansing, training, substitution, exercise and mindfulness. Highly effective baths, body scrubs, packs and massages facilitate the detoxification and deacidification process. In order to change your lifestyle holistically, you can also participate in many physical activities while enjoying the beautiful Tyrolean alpine landscape. At Lanserhof Lans, the surrounding nature allows for all types of outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, swimming and Nordic walking. Experience new vitality, take deep breaths and enjoy tranquillity, relaxation and harmony with all your senses.

A new appreciation for life through therapeutic fasting

Before you begin your fasting retreat, our experts will create a fasting plan that is tailored to your needs. Thanks to many years of experience, practitioners at Lanserhof Lans know exactly what is right for your body type and condition. It is our goal to help you even beyond your personal fasting week. That is why we offer detailed training sessions in which you can learn how to preserve your newly acquired health after your stay. Once you have completed the fasting plan, you can begin a completely new life filled with happiness and energy.

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