Kinesiology Lans

Kinesiology at Lanserhof Lans

A rolling stone gathers no moss. There is hardly another proverb that contains more truth.
A body that isn’t physically strained by movement will suffer in the long run. Positive body-awareness is an integral element of the LANS Med Concept. Being able to move without restraint leads to better life quality. Lanserhof Lans wants you to significantly increase your life quality through the means of targeted craniosacral therapy.

Your personal exercise plan

At our health centre, you can promote physical and mental balance by following the right exercise plan. The landscape surrounding Lanserhof invites plenty of activities: hiking, mountain biking, Nordic walking, jogging or swimming. Nobody can resist the breathtaking nature and panoramic views. You can practice your swing on one of the three nearby golf courses that offer spectacular views on the Tyrolean Alps. During the winter season, guests enjoy excellent conditions for skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Body and exercise therapy for long-lasting results

Our highly skilled physiotherapists and sports scientists offer excellent care and the best sports and exercise therapy that fits your needs. You will receive an individualised training plan that can easily be integrated into your everyday life. We improve your endurance and balance while an increased oxygen supply will make you feel and look younger. Your newfound lightness, flexibility and body-awareness will persist even after your stay.

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