Natural Healing & Holistic Medicine Lans

Complementary therapy & holistic medicine at Lanserhof Lans

Alternative medicine in Austria

Lanserhof Lans offers the perfect environment for your regeneration. We believe that a familiar and trusting relationship to our practitioners and therapists is important for your body, mind and soul to find peace and balance. Lanserhof Lans is your first address for alternative medicine in Austria.

Let our holistic medicine activate your resources

Fundamental elements of the LANS Med Concept are proximity and empathy. Individual exercise therapy, our in-house created LANS Energy Cuisine and a comprehensive physical training plan enhance your holistic regeneration. The breathtaking landscape surrounding our centre will help you leave your hectic lifestyle behind you. Together, we will find and activate your resources and optimise your potential. Learn how to feel free and energetic!

Long-lasting health - The practice of self-care

We make diagnostic analyses, apply therapies and won’t leave your side while you and your body are going through the healing process. We apply personalised holistic methods and teach you how to remain healthy once your stay at Lanserhof Lans has ended. Our gift to you is the precious art of healing through self-care and self-respect.

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