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Nutritional therapy in Austria

Eating healthy seems like a chore and challenge for many of us, and it is much easier to grab fast food on the go or an unhealthy meal from the microwave. However, a proper diet is the prerequisite for leading a successful life. With Energy Cuisine, Lanserhof has developed a nutritional concept for individuals who love to indulge and be healthy at the same time.

Health that you can taste

We eat too much, too fast and most of the times, too irregularly. Our body resents us for unhealthy eating habits and often enough, we are punished with digestive disorders, food allergies and intolerances or chronic overactivation. Our nutritionists at Lanserhof Lans in Austria teach you how to integrate a balanced diet into your everyday life, while still enjoying culinary delights.

Lanserhof Lans: Best nutritional therapy in Austria

The LANS Med Concept is based on the healing effects of Energy Cuisine. All findings of modern nutritional science and global nutritional philosophies were taken into account when Energy Cuisine was created. Our nutritional courses and counselling in beautiful Tirol focus on regional, organic and fresh produce. When preparing meals, it is of utmost importance to preserve as many micronutrients as possible. This is how your body receives vital antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals. A healthy digestive system and better life quality is the reward. In collaboration with you, our dietitians at Lanserhof Lans create a diet plan that is adjusted to your needs. You will find that culinary pleasure and health are not mutually exclusive.

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