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A world-class gym combined with the most innovative medical treatments from the world’s leading experts – Lanserhof at The Arts Club opens in June in the middle of the famous Mayfair district. The focus is on an integrated, holistic approach to increasing well-being under medical supervision.

Your one-stop for preventive health care & fitness improvement.

View from the inside, Gym Lanserhof at The Arts Club, Mayfair, London

Change the way
you train Forever

Lanserhof at The Arts Club offers Members an unrivalled approach to physical fitness. We combine detailed medical assessment with a first-of-its-kind training system so that your exercise plan is personal, ever-evolving and designed to keep pain and injury at bay.

Scribbled floor plan of Lanserhof at The Arts Club London


  • Unlimited inclusive small group training classes – including yoga, fascia training, Pilates, functional training
  • Initial screening with a nurse
  • Induction to highly specialised gym equipment
  • A consultation with the medical doctor
  • A consultation with the orthopaedic doctor
  • One MRI Body Composition Analysis
  • One cardiovascular screening (spiroergometry, stress ECG)
  • One functional diagnostic assessment in the Movement Lab or Spine Lab
  • A bespoke training plan, complete with micro-chip technology which loads your programme onto the gym equipment, ensuring your individual settings on selected machines
  • Exclusive access to the Members’ Lounge

Your journey
begins here

You begin your fitness journey with complimentary consultations with two different doctors to assess your current state of health. Your general medical and orthopaedic specialists then decide together which diagnostic testing will give the most precise picture of your physical body, so you can meet its needs and your future goals.

  • Medical Consultations
  • Internal Health Assessment
  • MRI – Body Composition Analysis
  • Functional Diagnostics
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London Club mri


Our highly individualised training method introduces a paradigm shift in the way you exercise.

Once your personal trainer has set up the machines, working every muscle group in the body, the loads, resistance levels, speed and range of motion – even seat height and positioning – can adapt in real time alongside you.

London Fitness Room London Fitness Room

Services in Lanserhof
at The Arts Club

With treatments tailored to your individual needs, our doctors and specialists help you to live a more vital life.

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London Fitness Room

GYM 2.0 –

The revolutionary technology behind the Technogym equipment not only makes your individual plan easy to follow, but by simply logging in, it also continually tracks your results. The machine consequently responds in line with your performance and goals so you get an optimal workout, free from injury, every time.


We offer Members a range of therapies that specifically complement athletic training, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, spiroergometry (measuring heart and lung performance during exercise) and vitamin and mineral infusions.

  • Cryotherapy Chamber
  • Treatments
  • Infusions
  • Butler Service

Take a Seat
and Relax

Our Members’ Lounge nods to the Lanserhof philosophy of ‘energy cuisine’, with a nutritional approach designed to both lessen the effects of stress in daily, city living and achieve higher levels of energy. This comes from a carefully balanced menu, focussing on organic, local and seasonal produce, blended in dishes that are high in anti-oxidants, vitamin levels and micronutrients.

  • Energy Cuisine
  • Vitamin Diets
  • Nutritional & Dietary experts on Site
  • Exclusive Members’ Lounge

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Lanserhof at The Arts Club
17-18 Dover St, Mayfair,
London W1S 4LT, UK

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