Airzone in London

Airzone: Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy (IHT) in London

Discover Airzone therapy, a revolutionary oxygen or mitochondrial therapy, that we offer at Lanserhof at The Arts Club. Airzone therapy helps your body to replenish its energy and promotes its self-healing processes through cellular energy generation. Thus, oxygen therapy is popular among top athletes who want to improve their performance and speed up their regeneration. Furthermore, the oxygen therapy improves your general well-being, strengthens the immune system and supports weight loss.

Background Information: Oxygen Therapy

Our body consists of more than 80 trillion cells. Each cell has about 1,500 to 4,000 mitochondria that function as so-called power plants. They form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that acts as our organism's main energy store. Stress, lack of exercise and sleep or the natural ageing process make it difficult for the organism to use this energy efficiently. This results in an energy deficiency within the cells, which leads to performance drops and the development of degenerative diseases such as burnout, rheumatism, diabetes, immune disorders and allergies.

Interval Hypoxia Therapy® in London

To overcome this lack of energy, we offer Interval Hypoxia Therapy®, also called oxygen therapy, at Lanserhof at The Arts Club. The duration of the therapy ranges from 4-6 weeks with 2-3 sessions per week. During the individual sessions, you lie down comfortably while wearing a breathing mask. While you relax, the mask supplies deprives your body of oxygen (hypoxia). The oxygen deficit creates stress in your cells. Mitochondria that are already damaged and exhausted cannot withstand the stress and are destroyed, while new, more powerful mitochondria are formed in response. This results in a significant optimisation of your cellular energy production.

Effects of cell training on your organism:

  • Improves physical and mental performance
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the cells
  • Increases vascular elasticity
  • Activates the energy metabolism
  • Activates fat metabolism and increases fat burning
  • Activates self-healing processes and the immune system
  • Shortens recovery time after exercise
  • Supports detoxification processes

If you have any questions or are interested in oxygen therapy at our location in London, please contact us:
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