Cryotherapy  in London

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber in London

Local cryotherapy, which includes the cooling of bruises and injuries, is a frequently used method in physical therapy. Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London offers medical-grade cryotherapy sessions that take place in a whole body cold chamber. This allows our therapists to treat more complex injuries and diseases. The cold therapy is also used in acute sports medicine and sports physiotherapy treatments. In addition, there are numerous other application areas, such as rheumatic inflammatory diseases or skin diseases.

Health Benefits of the Cryo Chamber

There is much documented evidence for the multiple health benefits of cryotherapy. The cold temperatures relieve pain and regenerate muscles as the blood vessels constrict and slow down the blood flow to inflamed areas. This also allows cramped muscles to relax. Sessions in the cold chamber are therefore the ideal addition to an athlete’s regeneration routine after intensive physical strain. Studies also show that cryotherapy contributes to the overall well-being, improves sleep and even reduces stress. This is the result of a lowered heart rate and an increase in oxygen levels in the body due to the low temperatures.

Cryotherapy: Treatment of Skin Diseases

Cryotherapy is also used in dermatology. It is medically proven that multiple sessions of cryotherapy can improve the condition of the skin and, for example, reduce symptoms of eczema. Neurodermatitis and psoriasis can also be effectively treated in the cryo chamber.

Cold Therapy Available in London’s centre

Our two-chamber cryotherapy system can be set to different temperatures, -60 or -110 degrees Celsius, which allows your body to slowly adjust to the cold environment. During the sessions, you are wearing socks, gloves, undergarments, earmuffs and a face mask to protect the more sensitive parts of your body. The sessions last 3 for minutes.

Cryotherapy is available for both members of the Arts Club as well as non-members. In just a few seconds, you can book your cryotherapy appointment through our app – LHTAC is available in Google Play and in the App Store. Do you still have questions about cryotherapy? Please contact us:
t.: +44 (0)20 3967 6969