EMG in London

EMG Test at Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London

The EMG test (electromyography) is used to measure your muscle activity at rest and during movements. This allows us to detect muscle and nerve diseases and damages. At our department in London, we use EMG after injuries and during rehabilitation in order to monitor and measure the postural apparatus and the musculoskeletal system. Based on their findings, our therapists develop a targeted training plan that helps restore the muscle activity in the injured areas and reduces the rehabilitation time. An EMG test also allows our therapists to make predictions about the healing process.

Procedure of the Electromyography Test

To measure its activity, our therapists attach electrodes to the muscle. All electrical signals generated by the muscle are measured and graphically displayed. For one thing, the muscle’s spontaneous activity is measured: Healthy muscles that are at rest record no activity. If muscles send electrical signals even though they are relaxed, there is an underlying health problem that needs to be investigated further. The electrodes also measure the arbitrary activity, i.e. the activity potential of tense muscles.

The EMG test usually takes only a few minutes. However, we also offer more comprehensive examinations that can take several hours.

What can be detected during an electromyography:

  • Muscle diseases and injuries
  • Diseases and damages of nerve cells
  • Disc hernia (herniated disc)

Training with EMG

At our location in London, the EMG test is an important part of our patients’ rehabilitation training. During the training, EMG compares the right side’s muscle activity to the left side’s activity. This means that the injured area, usually muscles, tendons and ligaments, is compared to the other, non-injured side. The visual analyses enable the patient to consciously increase the intramuscular tension during personalised training sessions. The ultimate goal is to restore the injured area and improve its muscle activity, so it can perform just like the non-injured side.

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