Medical Training Therapy in London

Medical Training Therapy in London

Medical training therapy (MTT) is a targeted training method guided by one of our highly skilled physiotherapists. In addition, MTT is planned out and supervised by a trained doctor who is also monitoring the results. The medical training therapy seeks to build up strength and improve endurance, coordination and mobility. It is often used after physiotherapeutic treatments to further strengthen and stabilise the body or to address muscular imbalances. Medical training therapy can also significantly reduce pain during the rehabilitation process. MTT training helps prevent injuries and improves the performance of amateur and professional athletes.

For a detailed preliminary examination and targeted training, our Movement Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to analyse the musculoskeletal system of our members and patients at the highest scientific level and to the millimetre. At our Spine Lab, we can show the curvature of the spine in detail, measure muscle activity (electromyography or EMG) or measure your foot pressure (dynamic pedography). On this basis, our doctors develop an individual therapy programme.

Athletic Training in High-performance Sports

The athletic training of professional athletes is part of the highly effective MTT. As a fundamental part of a training routine, it is designed to prevent injuries and also optimises performance through targeted exercises for strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. Athletic training is an ideal addition to any sports specific training, such as soccer training, and is tailored to the respective sport and the needs of each athlete. We coordinate the training programme with coaches, take training phases, tournaments and competitions into account and refer to findings from performance diagnostics.

Functional Training Therapy at Lanserhof at The Arts Club

In our medical fitness studio in central London, you have access to the most modern sports medical equipment and methods. In contrast to conventional strength training that usually only focuses on individual muscle groups, the functional exercises in medical training therapy concentrate on the three axes of human motion – frontal, sagittal and transversal motion. The training programme is supported by exercises such as jumping, running and sideways motion.

Several sessions and monitoring your performance level at the same time allow for long lasting results. If you are interested in a structured training programme at our medical fitness centre in London, please contact us or give us a call:
t.: +44 (0)20 3967 6969