Spine & movement analysis

Motion analysis in London

The functional motion analysis at our London location takes place in our first-class movement lab, a cutting-edge facility featuring the latest analytical equipment. At the highest scientific level and to the millimetre, we analyse the musculoskeletal functionality of Lanserhof at The Arts Club members and other patients. We combine highly qualified medical expertise in rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance improvement, posture adjustment, gait analysis, biomechanics and training science with high-end equipment to redefine fitness and health.

Sebastian Kunz, Medical Director at Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London: “The Movement Lab allows us to assess and analyse our members’ musculoskeletal system using the most advanced scientific and evidence-based techniques. This way, we can easily identify specific challenges and restrictions. Our detailed findings allow us to guide and support our guests on their path to optimal health and self-care".

Motion Analysis in Sport: Prevention and Training Optimisation

The Movement Lab aims to map out and analyse the complex musculoskeletal system in the most detailed way. The movement analysis serves to identify anatomical deformities, overloads of the musculoskeletal system and muscular imbalances that can cause chronic overloads and injuries.

Among other methods and equipment, our doctors use the state-of-the-art Spine Lab, which provides a detailed profile of the curvature of your spine revealing any imbalances. Based on the examination results, a comprehensive anamnesis and your individual needs, our team of experts develops the optimal training and therapy plan.

Members of the Lanserhof at The Arts Club are continuously monitored and analysed during their training sessions. This ensures steady progress and helps them move closer to a new level of fitness and health.

Movement Analysis in Addition to Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic injuries are often the result of chronic joint overload or muscular imbalances. In the Movement Lab, we identify such causes in order to restore the performance of the affected body part through targeted training. Our goal is to permanently strengthen the targeted area, so future injuries can be prevented. With our individual training plans, we can also help patients with degenerative joint diseases.

Movement Lab at Lanserhof at The Arts Club

The motion analysis services in London include:

  • Kinetic and kinematic gait and running analysis
  • Pedography for dynamic foot pressure measurement
  • Electromyography for measuring muscle activity
  • Ultrasound to quantify muscle and tendon properties
  • State-of-the-art Spine Lab for a detailed profile of the curvature of your spine

Would you like to make an appointment for a motion analysis or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us:
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