Orthopaedics in London

Orthopedic Specialists in London: Diagnosis & Therapies

The integral LANS Med Concept combines alternative methods and modern medicine. At our location in London, our excellent physicians and highly trained specialists offer first-class treatments of orthopedic diseases. They make the diagnosis and work out individual therapies that address both causes and symptoms. As part of our holistic approach, the orthopaedic physicians also collaborate with specialists from other disciplines, such as osteopaths, physiotherapists or yoga instructors based at Lanserhof at the Arts Club.

Regenerative Orthopaedics to Strengthen Muscles and Joints

Regenerative orthopaedics aims to stimulate the body's own repair and regeneration processes to restore strength and mobility to muscles and joints, thereby avoiding surgery. This means that long rehabilitation times are eliminated and you’ll be up and running in no time. Athletes in particular benefit from the methods of regenerative orthopaedics at our department in London, as we specialise in treating meniscus tears, tendon and ligament tears or overuse injuries.

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High-class Sports Orthopaedic Department in London

At Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London, doctors focus on the specific field of sports orthopedics. They work closely with therapists in order to identify and treat chronic overloading or improper weight-bearing situations through preventative techniques. Our focus lies on specific recommendations for your training programme in order to control your problems long term. The orthopedists also work with specialists from the fields of Medical Training Therapy, Personal Training and Yoga & Pilates.

High-end Diagnostics and Cutting-edge Treatment of Orthopaedic Diseases

At Lanserhof at the Arts Club, we offer you first-class diagnostic and therapeutic treatments of orthopaedics and sports orthopaedics. These include the 4D measurement technology DIERS, which enables a comprehensive biomechanics motion analysis of the musculoskeletal system and a gait analysis. This data collection helps us to optimally equip patients with orthopaedic and posture-correcting inlays for everyday life and sports – even high-performance sports.

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The orthopaedic services are available to Arts Club members, guests of Lanserhof, private patients and patients with statutory health insurance as self-payers.
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