Pain management in London

Pain Therapy in London

At Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London, we offer our members and other patients various pain therapies that are known to relieve acute and chronic pain. Through a holistic approach, our doctors and therapists do not only treat the symptoms, but also the root causes. Depending on their findings, they will determine the best pain management strategy for you.

Cryotherapy: Pain Treatment in the Cold Chamber

Cold temperatures inhibit the pain signals that are sent through the nerves. They also slow down the growth of inflammatory cells in the blood. At Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London, we are able to treat complex injuries or diseases in a cryochamber through a whole-body cold therapy. The so-called cryotherapy effectively inhibits pain that stems from acute injuries and provides relief for chronic pain patients.

Complementary Therapies for Pain Management

At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, we offer various complementary therapies to effectively resolve pain, such as neural therapy. This treatment is based on the assumption that certain body surfaces are connected to the internal organs via the nervous system and that certain reflex zones influence the functions of the organism. In order to relieve pain, local anaesthetics are injected in the upper layers of the skin. There are two types of treatment: Segment therapy involves injecting the anaesthetic directly into the pain-inflicted area, stimulating relaxation and/or healing of muscles, ligaments, nerves and internal organs. The so-called disrupted field therapy assumes that every disease is connected to an interference field. Typical interference fields include the nasal sinuses, the prostate and scar tissue.

As another complementary medical treatment, we also offer acupuncture, which is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Our therapists use various techniques for pain management, including dry needling, to treat myofascial trigger points. This relieves painful muscle cramps and improves the local blood circulation. Alternative massage therapies can also be a very effective pain treatment. Discover Shiatsu massage, reflexology massages and other tested techniques at our department in London.

Pain Therapy with Shock Waves

Shock wave therapy is used in orthopedics and can be a gentle alternative to surgery. It can be used to treat joints, tendons and other body tissue. Typical areas of application include calcified shoulder, heel spur, tendonitis and the so-called tennis elbow. The acoustic waves penetrate the skin and tissue, destroy calcifications and restore mobility. They also stimulate blood circulation and the cell metabolism, thus dampening inflammation and promoting regeneration.

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