PCR Test in London

PCR Test at Lanserhof at The Arts Club

How is the sample collected?
The sample is collected by placing a swab into the nose and throat by one of our healthcare professionals. It is a painless but slightly uncomfortable feeling. The swab is then sent to the lab to be analysed.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test
The PCR test looks for evidence that the virus is currently in your body, by detecting the presence of its RNA in a swab sample from your nose/throat.

The PCR test detects the genetic material in the virus called RNA. When the sample reaches the lab, a solution known as a ‘reagent’ is added to it. If there is virus present this reagent starts a ‘chain reaction’ and creates billions of copies of the genetic material in the virus so that there is enough that it can be detected and analysed by scientists to provide a positive result. The PCR test can therefore only tell us if the virus is currently present in the body.

The test usually takes 48 hours to return a result.

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