Sports medicine in London

Tailored Sports Medicine in Londons

At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, we offer a wide range of sports medical examinations and treatments for both professional athletes and ambitious recreational athletes. Our doctors assess your current health status, diagnose sports injuries or physical limitations and use their findings to tailor targeted therapies. In order to treat you holistically and in the best way possible, orthopedic specialists, cardiologists, physiotherapists and other sports doctors and therapists join their forces.

We Offer the Following Services in our department in London:

  • Doctor-patient interview (anamnesis)
  • Sports science motion analysis including cardiopulmonary exercise testing, measurement of body composition (BIA) and coordination test
  • Performance diagnostics and training plan
  • Lactate measurements
  • Basic metabolic rate measurements
  • Biomechanics motion analysis of the musculoskeletal system and gait analysis (DIERS 4D analysis)
  • Muscle function diagnostics
  • Spine measurement
  • Recommendations for targeted endurance training with individual training areas (thresholds, maximum heart rate, maximum oxygen uptake)
  • Medical altitude training for athletes and patients

Sports Medicine for Professional Athletes in London

While professional athletes always strive for peak performance, they put a considerable strain on their bodies. In order to prevent performance setbacks and improve the impact of their training sessions, they need tailored sports medical care. At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, our doctors assist athletes of all performance levels and offer personalised exercise therapy. For comprehensive care, they take an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with each other and physiotherapists, sports scientists and instructors.

Proof of Physical Suitability for Athletes

Athletes often need to proof their physical suitability to a sports club, association, university or tournament. At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, we offer the following examinations: anamnesis, physical examination, vision test, blood pressure measurement, resting ECG measurement, lung function test, lab and urinalysis, bioelectrical impedance analysis, echocardiography, coordination test, strength diagnostics, lactate performance diagnostics, exercise ECG test and spiroergometry.

We recommend checking with the respective submission office which examinations are required. The costs of a physical depends on factors like time and complexity.

Sports Physicians for Recreational Athletes – Examination & Therapy

Not only professional athletes but also recreational athletes benefit from the sports medicine services offered by Lanserhof at The Arts Club in London. The examinations serve to prevent or detect dysfunctions and overuse injuries at an early stage and determine your current state of health. Our doctors and therapists select suitable therapies based on all findings and create an individual training plan specifically for your sport. This helps you to improve your strength, endurance and technique in the long run, avoiding disorders in the future.

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