Yoga and Pilates Studio in London

Yoga & Pilates: Effective Training for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation

Yoga and Pilates are gentle but extremely effective training methods for the body, mind and soul. Thus, at Lanserhof at The Arts Club in downtown London, we offer both Pilates and Yoga classes. The workouts strengthen your body and promote vitality, energy and balance, and are ideal for coping with stress in everyday life or as an addition to your training programme.

The Power of Yoga: Harmony for Body and Soul in Central London

Central to yoga are abdominal breathing, controlled movements, meditation and concentration. With gentle exercises, Yoga brings body and mind into balance and improves your body perception and awareness. Numerous athletes have already discovered the positive effects of Yoga and use it as a method to cope with stress. The flowing movement sequences give them the opportunity to fully exploit their athletic potential, as they improve flexibility and increase strength and vitality. By holding the yoga positions, the deep tissue layers in the muscles can relax and the economy of movement of nearby joints is improved. Last but not least, yoga promotes healthy sleep which is one of the main pillars of sustainable regeneration under high athletic strain.

At Lanserhof at The Arts Club, centrally located in London, we offer yoga group sessions. Our extensive training plan allows you to integrate the workouts into your everyday life – visit us at Lanserhof at The Arts Club during your lunch break or after a stressful day at work. The maximum number of participants in yoga classes is limited to 6.

Pilates: Training the Core Muscles

Pilates is a full-body workout that focuses on the core muscles. Pilates exercises follow a controlled and precise sequence of movements – conscious inhalation and exhalation into the chest is key. Particular attention is paid to the centre of the body, the so-called power house. Pilates improves posture, adjusts muscular imbalances and tones the body. This improves your overall physical feeling and has a positive effect on your self-esteem.

Join our Pilates sessions in London at any time. Each class is limited to 6 participants.

Give it a try! For further information on our yoga and Pilates classes, please contact us:
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