Modern Mayr Medicine at LANS Medicum – old healing principles newly discovered

Food combining, dieting and fasting: the early stages of the year are enthusiastically used to lose weight in addition to cleansing and detoxification of the body. However, the long-term success and health benefits associated with these do not often take effect. This is due to the fact that the process of these diets falls short of what is actually required – a healthy organism needs a healthy digestive system. It is the source of energy for a life of vitality. Modern Mayr Medicine isonce again increasing in the awareness of people as a result of current studies by gastroenterologists, microbiologists and immunologists. Subsequently, the healing principles of the naturopath Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr are being further confirmed by scientific findings. In accordance with this, our intestinal flora - the microbiome – has, amongst others, a direct influence on our health, for example.

LANS Medicum Hamburg, the first urban location for Lanserhof - with its main centre for health located in Tirol, Austria – have further developed the Mayr concept by integrating these latest scientific findings in combination with DETOX treatments for effective and enduring self-cleansing of the organism. The Lans Medicum day centre in Hamburg, which opened in October 2012, is situated in the magnificent building of the former regional post office headquarters in Stephansplatz (St. Stephen’s Square). Above all, people under stress and with busy lives benefit from the four weekly Mayr therapy on offer, which can be easily integrated into your everyday life as a result of its gentle processes.

The long-term secret to the success of this therapy for regeneration and revitalisation of vitality lies, amongst others, in the microbial barcode, which is individual to every person. The microbiome characterises the inner environment of our intestines with up to a thousand various bacteria with up to 100 trillion micro-organisms. It is the genetic key to problems associated with nutritional deficiencies. Subsequently, how and what we eat has an effect on the entire body system as a result of the influence of the digestive system as a processor of food and a detoxifying powerhouse. “If the protective layer of the intestinal wall is impaired, the intestinal-related immune system is stimulated and allergies and food intolerances can occur. As our second brain, the digestive system can become a source of toxins. We are talking about silent inflammation - lingering inflammations which are the cause of chronic illnesses” says Professor Andrea Morgner-Miehlke. At this resort of relaxation situated in the city centre of Hamburg, the renowned gastroenterologist and medical director at Lans Medicum has conceived a programme of Mayr Medicine for the holistic regulation of the body system which is modern and suitable for use in everyday life. “We benefit from classic conventional medicine and complement this fundamental knowledge with tried and tested recognised natural healing methods.”

At the beginning of this therapy - which is carried out on an outpatient basis - there are detailed physical and anamnestic diagnostics which are supplemented by a blood and stool analysis, if required. Using a humoral diagnostic assessment, conclusions as to the overall health of the guest can be ascertained through analysis of the condition of skin, hair, nails, tongue as well as stomach shape and posture. During this Mayr therapy programme of approximately four weeks, the body, mind and soul are placed on cruise mode and phases of relaxation are integrated into your everyday routine. This provides cares and rest for the digestive system and therefore the initial phase of a change of diet with subsequent detoxification and de-acidification through DETOX treatments. This part of the Mayr strategy supports the body’s organs such as the skin, liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines in their detoxification phase through peelings, baths, massages and body wraps. Physio, body, sports and movement therapies complement this process of reorientation at Lans Medicum. Professor Andrea Morgner-Miehlke: “If necessary, high doses of vitamins and minerals are used as a substitution for deficiencies. Soul, oxygen, self-awareness and sport are further integral components of this therapy programme which is designed individually for you.”

Training our guests in how to lead a healthy life is of fundamental importance. At Lans Medicum Hamburg, they experience how food is best chewed and processed. Recognising your satiation reflex (being full) is also part of this training, such as nutrition tips for everyday use after the four week period of therapy. Accordingly, your regained quality of life and intestinal health should not be lost at the expense of old and bad eating habits.

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