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Your Lanserhof cure at Tegernsee

We forget to have a feeling for our personal needs. This makes it all the more important to take time out regularly and consciously, to become aware of one's wishes and to do something good for one's body - we have developed the Lanserhof Spa Treatment Centre to meet precisely these needs. Together, our specialists have created a concept which takes your current state of health as a basis so that necessary measures can be precisely determined and the therapy plan can be drawn up individually. This includes detailed diagnostics, professional sports analysis and therapy as well as numerous vitalising treatments. Your personal wishes as well as preventive measures are incorporated into the treatment plan. This combination is decisive in achieving lasting and long-term success with the Lanserhof spa treatment.

The weight loss and detoxification success of common detox therapies is usually only short-lived, as the process of many normal diets is not enough. A real improvement in health is therefore often not achieved. Because a healthy organism needs one thing above all: a healthy digestive tract. Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, Austrian naturopath and researcher, recognized this already at the beginning of the last century. That is why we at Lanserhof Tegernsee rely on modern Mayr medicine and have perfected this method with our Lanserhof cure.

Lanserhof Tegernsee

Revitalising your body and mind through thorough regeneration of the intestines is at the centre of Mayr therapy. Our unique detox programme by Tegernsee in Bavaria is based on the six principles of modern Mayr medicine: rest, cleansing, training, substitution, exercise and mindfulness. When following these principles, your body can be successfully detoxified and deacidified. While your digestive system has time to relax and regenerate, you will notice a new kind of self-awareness and mindfulness. Highly effective baths, body scrubs, packs and massages support the detoxification and deacidification process. You can enjoy all beneficial treatments surrounded by a beautiful landscape by Lake Tegernsee near Munich.

Change your entire life with our Lanserhof cure

Lanserhof has consistently developed and perfected the Mayr concept according to latest scientific findings. At the beginning of the programme, we will review your medical history and guide you through a thorough physical check up. In order to find out more about the state of your health, we will analyse your blood, stool, skin, hair, nails, tongue, abdomen and body posture. Our next step puts your body and mind at rest. Resting periods are an integral part of your day, just like complementary detox applications, physiotherapy, sports therapy and exercise.

Lanserhof cure for long-lasting health

It is important to us that our Mayr therapy has long-lasting effects on your health. That is why we offer profound training in how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Next to in-depth nutritional counselling, we teach you the right chewing techniques and develop personalised exercise plans that you can easily follow after your stay at Lanserhof Tegernsee. Your newly acquired digestive health won’t be at risk and you can step into a new healthy, active and happy life.

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