Energy Healing Tegernsee

Energy healing by Lake Tegernsee

Many suffer from health-related problems although no identifiable symptoms can be detected. As part of our LANS Med Concept at Lanserhof Tegernsee, our doctors achieve best results by applying energy medicine. This unique therapy combines traditional healing methods with the latest findings in medical science.

Healing through energy

Over the years, energy medicine has made a name for itself in the medical world. Thanks to latest diagnostic methods, bioenergies in and surrounding the human body can be measured for the first time. Five thousand years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine stressed the importance of energetic processes within the body. Loss of energy, ailments and mental stress factors can interrupt our energy flow. If a lack of energy remains untreated over a long period of time, health disorders are the consequences.

Energy medicine unleashes self-healing powers

Energy healing should be applied when emotional, mental and psychosomatic situations have a negative impact on your health without showing distinct symptoms. We make sure that your body’s self-healing powers restore an energy balance that is healthy. Our doctors and therapists at Lanserhof Tegernsee are trained to detect energy losses and blockages in your body. Dissonances occurring in your energy field are revealed through modern bioenergetic diagnostics and can then be addressed accordingly. Our experience show that patients with a disrupted bioenergetic field and organ dysfunctions cannot rely on conventional medicine. Energy medicine completely restores your energy balance through bioenergetic methods while promoting health and vitality.

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