Nutritional Therapy Tegernsee

Nutritional coaching in harmony with nature

Eating healthy and enjoying your food at the same time do not have to exclude one another.
With Energy Cuisine, our dietitians have created a concept that combines culinary pleasure with a diet that provides vital nutrients for living an active life. At Lanserhof Tegernsee, we show you that healthy eating can be fun. Additionally, you will learn how to get the highest amount of energy through your daily meals.

Nutritional therapy: Healthy eating for a better life

Our location, which is close to Munich and next to the serene lake Tegernsee, offers you nutritional therapy that promotes health-conscious indulging. Since we are natural beings, we should adjust to nature’s rhythm. Therefore, our nutritionists at Lanserhof Tegernsee take our “inner clock” and the daily rhythm of our organs into account. Our stomach digests food most efficiently between seven and nine o’clock in the morning while it is almost completely inactive twelve hours later. Our high-end cuisine only uses regional, organic and fresh produce. With your assistance, we create delicious meals that renew and revive your body structure. After some time, body fat will be replaced by muscle mass, your body detoxifies and your self-healing powers are activated.

Individual nutritional therapy near Munich

In the course of our nutritional programme, you will learn in great detail how to put Energy Cuisine into practice once you leave Lanserhof Tegernsee. In addition, you will also find out which foods you should avoid through food allergy tests. By changing your diet to sustainable healthy eating, you are making an important step towards a new, healthy and active life.

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