Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Tegernsee

Stress management and burnout prevention at Lanserhof Tegernsee

Is your hectic everyday life stressing you out? Do you feel burnt out and low-energy? Then you are at high risk of suffering from burnout. Take a break and treat yourself with some time off at Lanserhof Tegernsee. In one of Europe’s nicest natural regions, you will experience a health resort and spa of a different kind. There is no better place for burnout prevention and therapy than at our location close to Munich.

Burnout prevention: Enjoy and relax

At Lake Tegernsee, all important elements fall into place; health, pleasure, nature and regeneration create an experience that you won’t forget. Our health centre is a true oasis for individuals who suffer from high stress and are looking for tranquillity and relaxation. On 21,000 square metres, you will encounter modern treatment, therapy and exercise rooms, a separate bathhouse, an innovative fitness area, modern saunas and an 18-hole golf course. While enjoying our amenities, you will be surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Lake Tegernsee.

Our clinic in Bavaria prevents and treats your burnout

In collaboration with your personal therapist and coach, you will experience a treatment plan that increases your self-worth and rewards you with more vitality and better health. We offer you an effective and holistic combination of a health-conscious diet, exercise and individual coaching sessions teaching you how to cope with stress and emotions in certain life situations. We use a variety of methods to detect emotional blocks and know how to permanently remove them. This is how we can also prevent an emerging burnout or emotional breakdown.

Recharge by Lake Tegernsee

Set off your holistic regeneration process. Thanks to our unique LANS Med Concept, you will be able to generate new energy and learn how to notice yourself and your body’s signals. We will prepare you for life’s challenges, so that you can stand your ground in situations of pressure and stress.

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