Tok-Sen Tegernsee

Tap away the pain

An approximately 5,000-year-old healing method called Tok-Sen from the ancient Thai kingdom of Lanna is an integral part of this far-eastern healing system.
"Tok" means the "sacred sound" and is a reference to the technique used in this method, namely using a special wooden chisel and a hammer to tap various parts of the body.
"Sen" translates into "energy" in the meridians of the body. The tapping massage is carried out along these meridians by a trained and experienced therapist in a rhythmic sequence and varying pressure.
This special technique makes it possible to unblock the flow of energy and to activate biologically active points, while simultaneously energising the entire organism through acupuncture points.
The Tok-Sen therapy reaches various tissue layers, such as muscles, deep connective tissue, fascia as well as bones.
The method is especially suitable for muscle tension, fascial adhesions, tendons pain and joint pain caused by arthritis.
Lanserhof now offers this ancient healing method, with great healing success and very positive feedback from our guests.