Lanserhof Lans wins for the 10th time

Lanserhof is once again able to defend its position at the top of Europe this year and celebrates an anniversary at the same time: for the tenth time in a row the health resort in Lans was awarded the European HEALTH & SPA AWARD in the category "Best Medical Spa".

The European HEALTH & SPA AWARD - the first independent European prize with the strictest assessments for health and spa innovations - was presented yesterday evening at the Grand Hotel in Vienna. Lanserhof Lans again wins the industry's highest award - the nominees are judged by an independent international jury of experts from the wellness industry as well as personalities from business and the media.

Dr. Christian Harisch, Managing Director of the Lanserhof Group, is delighted with the award in the "Best Medical Spa" category: "We are particularly proud to receive the European HEALTH & SPA AWARD for the 10th time in a row and at the same time to celebrate a decade of excellence. Besides the confirmation as the leading Medical Spa in Europe, this award is also a recognition for my team, which does excellent work day by day and gives us an incentive to consistently continue to work on our mission and to develop further".

The European HEALTH & SPA AWARD is the highest award for healthcare companies and is considered the Oscar of the industry. Already for the 11th time it shows product innovations and trends of the industry in Europe. Lanserhof Lans has proven itself above all in the areas of health benefits, quality management, consistency in innovation, service orientation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, profitability, creativity and the service of the highest quality standards - facors that have made Lanserhof Lans a pioneer in health prevention over decades.

Lanserhof's innovative Cellgym and cell training also made a significant contribution to this year's profit: This is a non-drug method that improves the functional reserves of the organism and brings about rehabilitation in chronically ill people. The Cellgym is suitable for those who want to use the positive effects of hypoxia and hyperoxia, such as the improvement of general well-being, increase of physical and mental performance, improvement of stress tolerance, weight reduction and a "cosmetic from the inside" in an efficient, relaxed and joint-gentle way. The training takes place in a constant change of altitude, whereby one lies comfortably on a wellness couch. During this time, the most important parameters such as heart rate, partial oxygen pressure in the tissue and breathing rate are measured and continuously monitored using software and biofeedback measuring devices. This results in an automatic regulation and control of the training intensity according to the individual training parameters (biofeedback method). By this exact monitoring of the body reactions an under- or overtraining can be avoided and an optimal training intensity can be achieved.

The Lanserhof is embedded in a breathtaking, almost untouched landscape. The seamless integration of the architecture into the Alpine landscape, taking into account building physiology aspects and the careful handling of the surrounding nature, was a central concern of the conversion that took place only two years ago. The Medical Spa includes a bathhouse with sauna area, a heatable indoor and outdoor pool in seawater quality, a medical cold chamber with temperatures as low as minus 110 degrees and extended medical rooms. Natural materials, harmonious and simple rooms are the building blocks of the health-promoting architecture, which focuses on the holistic relaxation of the guests.